Modernising Nature

Modernising Nature Zak van Biljon

ven 13 oct 2023, 18:00
ven 24 nov 2023, 18:00

Luisa Catucci Gallery
Allerstraße 38, 12049 Berlin
12049 Berlin

Comment s'y rendre ?

Zak van Biljon, a South African nature photographer residing in Switzerland, enjoys global renown for his infrared photographs. When gazing upon his work, one embarks on a journey that leads to the discovery of an ethereal realm, thanks to the technique he has chosen to depict nature and landscapes. Infrared photography, often referred to as IR photography, is a captivating and distinctive genre within the world of photography. Unlike traditional photography, which captures visible light, infrared photography focuses on recording invisible infrared radiation. Ordinary landscapes undergo a transformation into diaphanous visions, revealing their innermost beauty in a manner that challenges conventional perceptions, transcending the boundaries of human vision.


In an era marked by rapid urbanization and the omnipresence of technology, Zak van Biljon's work stands as a poignant testament to the evolving dynamics between humanity and the natural world. It challenges the notion that the flashy colors of neon signs and the bright lights of modern cities are distant from nature's color palette. By using the infrared camera, Zak accomplishes what he calls "Modernising Nature," highlighting that at nature's core lies a stunning, vibrant pink-red hue that rivals the luminosity of the most modern urban signs. However, van Biljon contends that even a bright pink photograph is more than just a hue; it is a profound reflection of nature's essence, which, in the end, is almost diametrically opposite to the busyness of modern cities. This thought-provoking approach initially aims to capture attention, but its ultimate goal is to stimulate contemplation and the serene interconnectedness that nature inspires. This is precisely why he holds a deep affection for infrared analog photography.